International Summer School in Thessaloniki, Greece

International Journalism and media organizations in a turbulent age:
European and Asian Perspectives
16-23 July 2017

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A Unique Experience

That aims to develop a professional expertise and an integrated vision to a global challenge of today’s international journalism.

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Outstanding Speakers

Experts from the academic and professional field of international journalism will share their knowledge and give insights in their field of their work and research.

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A Unique City

The one-week program will take place at the Aristotle University, in Thessaloniki Greece, from 16 to 23 July 2017.

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About the Summer School

Department of Journalism and Mass Media Communications, announce the joint Summer School on “International Journalism and media organizations in a turbulent age: European and Asian Perspectives” which will take place from 16 to 23d of July 2017 in Thessaloniki Greece. The Summer School will focus on the opportunities and challenges for reporting Asia and Europe, in times of an ever-changing digital world.

The intensive multi-disciplinary training course aims to provide in-depth knowledge and robust skills based on which the participants would develop an informed understanding of critical issues of International Journalism and to identify issues that are context-dependent and with global features in media organizations both in Europe and Asia.  Participants in this course will emerge with a better understanding of the latest academic research, policy, market and professional trends in the area.

The program is structured around keynote presentations by distinguished experts in each area and interactive small group and roundtable discussions. Students will attend a series of workshops, and will plan, undertake and report on collaborative mini-projects using a range of digital technologies and mobile media.

The course will be run with a mix-method teaching style and includes lectures, discussion, small group work, policy lab and other collaborative learning activities to ensure the active participation of students in the learning process. Sessions will be led by experts from across fields, including research, policy making, and mass media industry. Students will have the chance to receive up to 5 ECTS credits.



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