How to Apply


Who can apply:

Thessaloniki International Media Summer Academy aims to select a total number of 40 junior scholars, researchers or practitioners, having the following background:

  • Bachelor/ Master students of Journalism, political science, International relations, etc.
  • PhD Students of Journalism, Political Science, International relations etc.
  • Professionals from media and other related organisations who need a deeper understanding on the issues to be addressed.

The application should include the following material:

  1. a completed application form
  2. a copy of the applicant’s CV

All applicants should be fluent in English. The applications must be sent to the following email:


13th-21st of July 2018

Immediately after the additional workshop Witnessing: Refugee Testimonies and Advocacy will follow.


Thessaloniki Greece.


1st February-30th of April 2018: Application period deadline

10th of May 2018: Decisions will be mailed out


The MET Hotel

Media Sponsors


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